June Recommendations: All about Sci-fi

Science Fiction is another genre that captivates many as one could imagine and create a whole new world and social order. As a sci-fi fan himself, our senior counselor Ryan Roels share with us his favorites.

1) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams A man journeys through space after seeing his house and planet destroyed.A captivating story about pursuing the ultimate questions, with a strong side of social commentary. This book taught me how to see — and write about — the funny side of things, be they trivial and/or existential.

2) Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card A young child learns and competes with friends, enemies, and family in a fight for himself and humanity.An engrossing coming of age story relevant to a future filled with competition. I read this book for an alternative insight on what really matters in modern education— and it did not disappoint.

3) Flowers for Algernon – Daniel Keyes What are the thoughts, knowledge, and development of an individual after a life-altering and intelligence-enhancing surgery?A gripping take on life, relationships, and changes. This book gave me a critical lens with which to analyze my past and my future, as well as a lesson on writing powerfully through character perspective.

4) The Last Question – Isaac Asimov When and how our universe ends And how can we find out?Another great take on some of humanity’s undying questions, told through the style and wit of a master storyteller. Asimov writes with a clarity and precision that stands as a monument to any young writer.

5) Ready Player One – Ernest Cline A story of finding oneself in a gaming virtual reality, where people, punishments, and prizes have never been wilderThis adventure story is unlike any other, due in large part to its fantastic setting, entertaining characters, and eerie relevance. I admire this story for its well-managed pace, and its ability to inspire imagination.

Ryan Roels is a senior counselor and a lead Reading and Writing coach at EduSmith. He graduated from Williams College, a top-ranked liberal arts college, with highest honours in Political Science. 

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