Things we learned from 2020.

29 Dec 2020 by edusmith

Congrats everyone! You have successfully made it through 2020! 

We have seen how COVID-19 has disrupted the university admissions plans for the high school class of 2021. From standardized test cancellations to unpredictable admission policies that change every month, students need to think and plan their road to college admission early and carefully. Here are key survival tips from our senior counselors at EduSmith!

  1. It is best to start early and don’t slack off. Test-optional doesn’t mean that you can slack off. Test scores such as SAT, TOEFL, and school GPA are still important factors in your university application! Stay calm and keep working hard on your standardized test preparation. Plan your college essays and applications early on. The earlier you prepare for your tests and activities, the easier it is for you during the application process.
  1. Keep on building your profile and activities through online opportunities. Whether it is for learning a new skill or trying out new activities, there are so many online options for you to continue working towards your goal without having to step out of the house. Consider launching a personal project on COVID19 Data Analysis Using Python programming or developing a stock market analysis model with this online learning platform. But if you still prefer the in-person coaching and mentoring in any subject area, from computer science to engineering to business, our team of expert coaches is here to help!
  1. Eyes on the prize. Know what your end goal is and keep working towards them! Build a mindset that enables you to change and adapt to whatever situation is presented to you. 

2020 was a rough year and we hope that things will look up in 2021. Since there’s no knowing what’s going to happen, it is best to be prepared and start charting your own future. 

Best wishes,

EduSmith Team


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