CU Inter Medical Program

Medical CVs, What You Need to Know: 

Whether you are a student who is currently looking to apply to medical school or a student looking for an internship, there is a common denominator that comes into play: The dreaded CV. Of course, sometimes you might be asked to send in a resume as well but either way, schools (and companies) will most likely ask you for a document that showcases what you have been doing in the past few years. And

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GRE Myths

Myth Number 1 “GRE is NOT accepted by top MBA programs“ “โปรแกรมที่เป็น Top MBA ไม่รับคะแนน GRE“ In the past, GMAT might have been the preferred or even required test for top MBA programs. However, this is no longer true. GRE is now accepted by all major MBA programs in the US, UK, and Europe. ‘จะเรียน MBA ต้องใช้คะแนน GMAT เท่านั้น’ นี่น่าจะเป็นภาพจำของเกณฑ์การสมัครเข้า MB

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TOEFL or IELTS? Which to take? (2)

In our last blog, we laid out the structures of both tests. There is no definite answer on which is “easier” or “better,” as the format is different. But these are the questions that you could ask to help you decide which test is more suitable for you. 1.Where are you applying While TOEFL is more commonly accepted by American institutions, the IELTS is more accepted elsewhere, especially the Unite

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